Examining The Facts For Useful Plans Of Shopping Sites

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This level of disruption has prompted two of the biggest names in retail to get very creative with their in-store design, technology and marketing. This affects consumers by providing more convenience, an in-store experience that mimics online shopping while providing new amenities and savings opportunities. Wal-Mart has test locations around the country, including a store in Texas just outside Houston where I go to try its cashierless checkout and automated store. As I enter, I grab a scanner from a rack by the door. I grab items from the racks and scan them putting them straight into the shopping bags I brought. I can get instant price information. When I hit the checkout, I point my scanner at the kiosk, insert my credit card, and 32 seconds after rolling up, I am checked out and on my way. Considering that a normal checkout with a cashier takes me five to seven minutes, this is a time savings. There are other modernized aspects of shopping at this Wal-Mart: no fast food here, instead a healthy and modern Chobani Cafe that feels so un-Wal-Mart-like, it’s almost jarring.

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