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Staying on top of the latest fashion trends and news is likely one of the top activities among today’s tech-savvy consumer. From Pinterest to Instagram, there are many eCommerce platforms that help people find what’s hot in fashion. One company for the fashionista that’s looking to move the ball from looking to buying is Who What Wear . The eCommerce fashion website just announced the news of its new iOS shopping app, SHOP/Who What Wear, which will allow retailers to have their items linked for purchase and the fashionista to mobile shop to her heart’s delight. While comScore has 6 million unique monthly visitors in the U.S., Google Analytics puts that number higher, at 14 million. eCommerce retailer Who What Wear’s data shows that a large portion of its site traffic stems from mobile devices and that the number of users going to make a purchase after visiting has declined. Through this new mobile shop app, the company is hoping to boost those purchase numbers back up. Retailers choosing to participate with this new app will be responsible for fulfilling and shipping the orders, while Who What Wear will take a 12 percent commission for the item listed. It’s hoping to drive $100 million in retail partner sales by the end of 2017.

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