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How do those retailers then convince the consumer that the line is worthy of investment? That way serious neuroses lie. Good design needs self-confidence sewn into its seams, and part of that is an expectation that mistakes will be made — risk never comes without them — and that’s O.K. Designers can keep their jobs to design another day. Paradoxically, in an industry predicated on change, the more internal change, the worse. Once upon a time snagging a top design post was seen as a plum achievement, and the presumption was long-term commitment. Tom Ford was at Gucci for a decade before finally walking away after a power struggle; so, too, his successor, Frida Giannini. Karl Lagerfeld has been at Chanel since 1983 and at Fendi since 1967. John Galliano was at Dior for 15 years before a personal implosion got him fired. Sure, there was turmoil.

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